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Self-actualization is simple but we all know what’s simple is never easy. The moment we begin to change we are met with countless hurdles out of nowhere. The goal of this blog is to help you apply principles to your daily life problems.

Problems created by a certain level of understanding can’t be solved if we stay on the same level. We need to grow and evolve to deal with them. You discovering this blog tells us that you have a few challenges of your own and somewhere you are striving for self-improvement yourself.

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How the world and you personally are going to be impacted by the approaching abortion ban

Supreme Court Banning abortions Justice Alito’s leaked supreme court initial draft of popular opinion shows that the supreme court is taking a stand to outright ban abortions. This comes following the state of Mississippi attempting to ban all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. (this violates the current supreme court precedent of banning abortions before …


Who am I

Let me just say this before we start. I don’t know much. It always felt pretentious when I thought about telling other people my opinions on what they should do in their life. For a long time, I did not go towards this path because of that very reason.

I finally decided to do it because I thought what I learned may help other people in achieving what they want. That was the first reason I decided to start my blog.

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Ishita Nagar
Ishita Nagar
In between plenty of voices, we still crave for someone, who can actually listen to us;In between the crowd, we can... still feel abandoned.Speaking is a cognitive skill, that can be done only after listening.Instead of practising any of the complex theories, methods or exercises,(Daksh) The Perfect Advise breaks the pattern into simplest way and shows you your true mirror image.We already have our own answers,Sometimes we just need someone to “LISTEN”.For that, one need to speak,So if you are still thinking...,then it’s better to speak.Do drop them a text. 😊read more